This page shows you how to configure your build to deploy your build universal(zip, tgz, txz), rpm, debian or msi packages. For information on docker, please take a look at the docker page.


The deployment settings only add artifacts to your publish task. Native packager doesn’t provide any functionality for publishing to native repositories.

Setup publish Task

You need a working publish task in order to use the following configurations. A good starting point is the sbt publish documentation. You should have something like this in your build.sbt

publishTo := {
  val nexus = ""
  if (version.value.trim.endsWith("SNAPSHOT"))
    Some("snapshots" at nexus + "content/repositories/snapshots")
    Some("releases"  at nexus + "service/local/staging/deploy/maven2")

For an automatised build process are other plugins like the sbt release plugin.

Default Deployment

The easiest way is to add UniversalDeployPlugin to your build.sbt

enablePlugins(JavaServerAppPackaging, UniversalDeployPlugin)

You are now able to publish your packaged application in both tgz and zip formats with:

Publish the zip (or tgz/txz depending on the configuration. Default is to publish zip along with tgz) package

Custom Deployments

When using other package formats we need to explicitly configure the deployment setup to a more specific one.


Your build.sbt should contain:

enablePlugins(RpmPlugin, RpmDeployPlugin)

This will make possible to push the RPM with:

sbt Rpm/publish


Enabled with:

enable(DebianPlugin, DebianDeployPlugin)

that will make possible to publish a deb package with:

sbt Deb/publish


If using an msi packaging you need to enable:

enable(WindowsPlugin, WindowsDeployPlugin)

Then, pushing the package is

sbt Windows/publish

Custom Configurations

You could configure only what you need as well.


makeDeploymentSettings(Debian, Debian / packageBin, "deb")

//if you want a changes file as well
makeDeploymentSettings(Debian, Debian / genChanges, "changes")


makeDeploymentSettings(Rpm, Rpm / packageBin, "rpm")


makeDeploymentSettings(Windows, Windows / packageBin, "msi")


// zip
makeDeploymentSettings(Universal, Universal / packageBin, "zip")

makeDeploymentSettings(UniversalDocs, UniversalDocs / packageBin, "zip")

// additional tgz
addPackage(Universal, Universal / packageZipTarball, "tgz")

// additional txz
addPackage(UniversalDocs, UniversalDocs / packageXzTarball, "txz")